Biomedis Bris & Trinity


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Biomedis Bris

The Bioresonance Intellectual Scanner (Bris) allows you to carry out the testing process in real time, to monitor the dynamics, to visualize the obtained results, to view the “energy” of the human body, the condition of the spinal cord and the link of its changes with the internal organs, to observe changes in the recovery process. The program allows you to work faster and better with a client during the testing. It will allow you to establish the causes of changes in the body and to determine a correction plan, whilst enabling the selection and control of funds for the restoration of the body. This will make your recommendations more correct and safe for the client. The essence of an electroacupuncture testing is the measurement of electrical conductivity in biologically active points on the hands, feet and head (using contact plates on the feet, hands and head electrodes) related to various zones, organs and systems of the body.

Biomedis Trinity

The Biomedis Trinity is an advanced and effective compact mobile bio-resonance device, which makes use of multi-frequency bio-resonance technology. The carefully calibrated natural frequencies are packed into a unique device which is stylish, reliable, compact ( 14х48х92 mm) and lightweight. It is simple to carry TRINITY everywhere you go. Package includes carrying fabric case, charging cord and manual.

On a personal level this little device has changed my world of health from hormones, back pain, toothache, depressive modes, sciatica, sleep problems & concentration. It’s a therapists dream tool! The Biomedis Trinity helps my son on a consistent basis as he recovers from a severe brain injury.

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