Oreon™ Device


The OREON™ device serves the purpose of active bioresonance correction (ABC), utilizing specially shaped weak electromagnetic oscillations to pass through the body via passive electrodes. These waves, possessing a biomagnetic nature, gently correct the nucleus and plasma of the cell and its components, aiming to restore the body’s homeostasis and prevent disease. OREON™ is authorized for use in various settings, including sanatoriums, health centres, beauty salons, and for individual use at home, providing a holistic health effect from cellular level to whole-body wellness.

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The purpose of the OREON™ device

The OREON™ device is designed for active bioresonance correction (ABC), based on the generation of weak electromagnetic oscillations of a special shape and frequency, which are passed through the body using passive electrodes.

The effect is carried out by waves having a biomagnetic nature with a corrective soft, non-oppressive effect on the nucleus and plasma of the cell and its components. The action of the device aimed at correcting the homeostasis of the human body is one of the few effective ways to prevent the disease.

All the permits for the use of the BREON™ device in the conditions of sanatorium-preventive, health and fitness institutions, advisory centers, by the experts of beauty salons, masseurs, etc., and also for independent application by clients at home have been received.

OREON™ has a general health effect on the entire body, starting with the structural and functional unit – a cell and ending with organs, systems and the whole body.

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