At Hertz and Health, we are committed to offering comprehensive solutions to manage pain and promote overall wellness. We're proud to partner with leading companies in the field of natural pain therapy and other usefule resources to provide our clients with access to cutting-edge technologies and holistic approaches.

Lily & Loaf

Their extensive product range encompasses supplements for immune support, digestion, joint health, and stress relief, alongside essential oils, skincare products, and natural remedies designed to enhance overall well-being. Crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail, their products are formulated from the finest ingredients, guaranteeing both quality and efficacy.

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NewMed Ltd.

NewMed is the UK's premier destination for Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy. They understand that there will never be one PEMF therapy system that suits all, as everybody is different. Which is why they've searched the globe to provide everybody with a comprehensive range of PEMF devices.

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Crystal Herbs

With over 30 years of experience in crafting and distributing Flower, Gem & Crystal Essences, their primary aim remains to offer customers the highest quality essences available. Every essence is meticulously handmade with care and consciousness, from the creation of the mother tinctures to the bottling and labeling process, ensuring a product infused with love and attention to detail.

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Energy Dots

Energydots offer a range of products for all the family for natural energy boosting and EMF radiation protection. Each DOT has a magnetic structure which is digitally programmed with an intelligent combination of natural fields designed to support your wellbeing. They last indefinitely.

Each DOT stores and radiates particular fields of information. It is the nature of the information that does the work and creates positive change.

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